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Raldus Wrap

Raldus Wrap stretch film for agriculture is gaining more and more recognition on the global market. Raldus Wrap is a premium film with stable quality and reliability. Raldus Wrap silage…

Bale Wrapping Films:

The bale wrapping film enables ensiling of fodder, in other words, it enables fermentation processes to take place and protects fodder against weather conditions and mould. Properly ensiled fodder exceeds the quality of hay preserved in the drying process. Silage contains more vitamins, is characterized by high energy value and high protein content.

In Poland, as a standard, farmers wrap the bale twice, obtaining 4 layers of film on the bale. Whilst it is recommended to wrap three times and get 6 layers of film on the bale. Triple wrapping is recommended for a reason, as it gives better protection of the forage during transport, and also reduces punctures when wrapping tougher material such as alfalfa.

The available colours of the bale wrapping film are: white, light green, dark green, black, pink, blue, yellow and others on request.
It is worth remembering that light colors reflect the sun’s rays, and dark colors, on the contrary, attract the sun’s rays. Therefore, in countries with less sunlight, we see a lot of black bales, while in countries with a high UV index, we can see more light colors. We recommend light films especially for the 1st and 2nd cut. Then you can introduce dark films as we approach autumn days.

The seven-layer film for silage Raldus Wrap is produced by blowing. Our stretch film guarantees high quality of milk. The seven-layer film is characterized by: reduction of bale temperature, tear resistance, puncture resistance, high stretchability, “activ 2” adhesive system, high UV stabilizer, which guarantees long-term storage of fodder outdoors, up to 18 months from wrapping, adaptation to the fastest wrappers available currently on the market, designed for square and round bales. The seven-layer film, compared to the three-layer or five-layer film, provides a better oxygen barrier, which has a positive effect on the quality of the feed, which results into higher milk quality at a later stage during feeding.

Raldus Wrap film has evolved since 2015. In the first years it was produced on a three-layer machine, then in 2019 the production was installed on a five-layer machine. In 2021, production also began on a seven-layer machine. The current Raldus Wrap 7 film will meet the requirements of even the most demanding farmers. The film is produced in thicknesses from 19 microns to even 30 microns for the American market. Raldus Wrap 7 film is a professional partner in every farm, regardless of latitude and longitude.