Machine stretch film

Machine stretch film. It is used to secure loads on pallets during transport and storage, it is also useful for postal or courier shipments. Efficient and easy to use. TypeWidthStretchThicknessMachine500mm150-350%10-45μ…

Machine stretch films

Machine stretch film is a common name for polyethylene film. It is a stretch film that is used to pack shipments and goods. It is commonly used for packaging in wholesalers, shops or production plants of various types. In addition, it is hard to imagine the operation of logistics companies without stretch film. It is produced in 100% from a raw material called linear low-density polyethylene – LDPE. Granules are used for the production of stretch film. The most important features of the stretch film are flexibility and thermoplasticity.

Stretch film for pallets is essential for the safety of your products during transport. To ensure that the customer receives the products in perfect condition. It is important that the product is securely attached to the pallet with stretch film. Fortunately, wrapping pallets with stretch film is just that. When it comes to industrial products in transit, there are few packaging options as proven and effective as this.

The films are available in different colors: transparent, white, black, green, pink, blue, yellow, red. Other colors are also available on special request.

Our range of stretch films will perfectly protect your products on pallets, whether by hand or with wrappers. We have a wide range of products for every application.

Available in various widths and thicknesses, we have standard or Power Pre-stretch, normal or extended sleeves.