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Net Replacement films


Raldus Cover

Raldus Cover is a film for forming bales, produced by blowing in the 7-layer technology, it is an ideal alternative to the classic bale net. It allows you to pack…

Net Replacement films:

Raldus Cover Film, together with the high-quality Raldus Wrap stretch film, simplifies handling and improves silage quality with tighter and more stable bales. Raldus Wrap silage stretch film and Raldus Cover can be opened and removed in one step. This means manual handling can be minimized with an automatic opener. The waste can then be recycled in the same waste category, which saves a lot of time. No need to manually separate the film from the HDPE net.
Raldus Cover film is available in standard thicknesses from 13 microns to 20 microns. Available in widths from 1280mm to 1380mm. Raldus Cover is the future for agriculture in every country. Feed will have more nutrients thanks to a better oxygen barrier.

The use of Raldus Cover will increase the number of protective layers and improve the oxygen barrier, which is needed to obtain the best quality material for animals.

Applying the replacement net film to the bale also tends to condense and compress the circumference of the bale, meaning less oxygen remains in the bale itself before it is fully wrapped.

There is another potential advantage of the Raldus Cover in terms of handling and storage. Additional plastic can provide additional strength and protection, especially if the baled product is exposed to higher levels of handling, stacking or long distance transportation.

The Raldus Cover film was developed in 2015. However, it was produced on a three-ply machine. Just like the Raldus Wrap 7 film, it is currently produced on a seven-layer machine with much better parameters than a few years ago. Thanks to the use of two our products, farmers can boast of significantly better milk parameters, and as a result, dairies pay them more for each liter of the milk.