Waste and Energy


Raldus Waste

Raldus Waste is a film for wrapping waste, which guarantees proper storage and safe transport of waste. The Raldus Waste is film for wrapping garbage, which allows you to safely…

Waste films

Energy and waste is a relatively new department in which Raldus Plast operates. We currently produce Raldus Waste stretch films in various colors for wrapping waste. This is a very innovative way of storing waste, which has many benefits for the user, but also importantly for our common environment. The Raldus Wrap film is used in municipal plants or power plants or in companies dealing with the production of biomass. Raldus Waste is best when used with our Raldus Cover bale wrap. Such use strongly limits the subsequent segregation process, because it does not generate a problem with the HDPE nets. Raldus Plast films are fully recyclable.