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Jumbo stretch film

Jumbo stretch film. It is used for industrial processing. TypeWidthStretchThicknessJumbo500mm150-350%10-45μ + Colours: clear, black, white, blue green Your name Your email Subject Your message (optional)

Other Packaging films

Jumbo stretch film ideal for wholesalers to rewind to smaller rolls. Jumbo stretch film allows you to adjust the product to the customer’s requirements. The rolls can be wound in different lengths depending on your needs.

Stretch film is the common name of polyethylene film. It is a stretch film that is used to pack shipments and goods. It is commonly used for packaging in wholesalers, shops or production plants of various types. In addition, it is hard to imagine the operation of logistics companies without stretch film. It is produced in 100% from a raw material called linear low-density polyethylene – LDPE. Granules are used for the production of stretch film. The most important features of the stretch film are flexibility and thermoplasticity.