Agricultural nets for bales


Raldus Net

Raldus Net is an agricultural bale net made of 100% HDPE polymers, it is one of the best solutions currently available on the market. Raldus Net is produced on a…

Agricultural nets for bales

Raldus Net agricultural net with a standard construction, well known on the market and suitable for any press and baling conditions. Only 100% HDPE material is used for production.

Raldus Nets are manufactured using a combination of advanced polymers with high strength fibres. Maximum capacity, designed to spread over the entire surface of the bale, covering up to 2 inches beyond the edge of the bales

Raldus Nets are produced in a combination of knitted threads. The nets are produced in various thicknesses from 10 grams per meter up to 13 grams per meter. Different widths are available from 500mm to 1300mm. The lengths start from 1500m and end at 4600m. Other dimensions can be produced as required.

Raldus Net can be used for: Hay, Silage, Straw or for packing pallets.

Net performance is related to crop type, bale diameter and baling conditions.

Recommendations for wrapping without taking into account weather conditions:

  • Silage: 2
  • Hay: 3
  • Straw: 4

The strength of the net results from the combination of longitudinal and transverse threads. Only when both sets of threads are strong enough does the net work as expected.

Raldus Net is currently produced on high-end machines from Germany, which are equipped with control systems, thanks to which each roll is of the same quality and has a guaranteed number of meters.