Raldus Net is an agricultural bale net made of 100% HDPE polymers, it is one of the best solutions currently available on the market. Raldus Net is produced on a German production line, which is fully automated, which allows for the highest quality of the product. Thanks to the use of the latest control systems, we are able to ensure consistent product quality.

    UV stabilizer

    Production number

    Laboratory control

    End of roll

    The net ensures perfectly wrapped bales, ensuring full and uniform bale coverage across the entire width. The ribbing on the Raldus Net allows you to shape each bale perfectly.

    Raldus Net is suitable for all types of material: hay, straw or silage. The flexibility and durability of the net allows for tight packaging of the raw material prepared for storage and reduces waste from the produce, and also allows for safe transport. UV filters used in Raldus Net perfectly protect the product in all weather conditions. The net is compatible with all types of balers.

    Raldus Net is made of 100% recyclable materials, making it environmentally friendly.

    Length (m)2000300036004200
    Width (cm)120-130
    Quantity on a pallet (pcs)40/5028/3228/3228/32
    Strength (kg)275-310
    Elongation (%)<25
    Thickness (g/m)11-13