About us

History of the company:

Raldus Plast is a family company with 100% of Polish capital. The company started operating in 2015 from cooperation with a plastics manufacturer. The company acted as a distributor for the first year. Since 2016, the company has been operating independently as a factory on the Polish and international market, systematically building brand of RALDUS. In 2018, the company set off 5-layer film line for stretch production, which significantly increased the quality of haylage. From 2021, a 7-layer line for stretch for silage was set off, which allows to minimize silage losses even to zero.

Currently, production is working out on Italian and German machines, which are equipped with control systems that ensure high and repeatable quality. Each roll has a unique code that allows for quick identification. Thanks to the production in a modern machine park, we are able to properly select the products for our customers.

Our products are characterized by unique properties, because we are guided by experience, which grows and pays off year by year. We adjust orders individually to the needs of customers. We are one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, when it comes to the polyethylene film industry.

We are present in 28 countries around the world. We also supply our partners with private labels. We use raw materials such as LLDPE (octene C8 – linear low density polyethylene) for the production of our films, because we know that quality does not come from nothing. Our main products are used in: agriculture, logistics and the energy industry. We always put the customer’s needs first, which is why we systematically increase the number of customers. In 2022, we delivered over 3,000 tons of the stretch film to our customers.

For the coming years, we are planning a systematic increase in the products sold and investments in machinery and the introduction of further innovative products that will improve the processes of silage of agricultural products and packaging of industrial goods.

Our mission:

  • Become the leading producer of plastics in the world.
  • Improve technological processes related to recycling.
  • Provide only the latest technological solutions.
  • Robotization of production processes.
  • Innovative products for: agriculture, industry and energy.