Raldus Cover is a film for forming bales, produced by blowing in the 7-layer technology, it is an ideal alternative to the classic bale net. It allows you to pack the material more accurately, prepare it for wrapping in silage films or store dry bales in the field. Thanks to the use of the most durable materials and the latest technology in the production, the Raldus Cover allows you to perfectly form bales. The Raldus Cover film is produced in thicknesses from 13 microns to 19 microns, which allows you to adjust the thickness to the type of silage.

    • Great tear resistance
    • High flexibility
    • Perfect Adhesion
    • High performance
    • Compatible with new machines
    • Excellent oxygen barrier
    • UV stability for any climate

    Raldus Cover is best alternative for traditional net wrap. Raldus Cover is a solution that will optimize costs on your farm. The film has unique properties that facilitate work and save your time and money. The Raldus Cover film in combination with the Raldus Wrap silage film guarantees double protection, which allows the fodder to be stored for up to 2 years. The quality of silage after using our products increases and losses are eliminated.
    The Raldus Cover allows for the formation of a perfectly shaped bale, preventing material waste, making it easier to transport and store.
    Raldus Cover is environmentally friendly because it is 100% recyclable, additionally the use of Raldus Cover saves time and labor costs, because the films can be recycled together with the silage film.