The production of film by blowing is a very responsible and complex process that begins with the selection of the right machinery and the selection of appropriate raw materials, and ends with qualified production staff that controls the production process. The 7-layer film gives incredible comfort of use on every farm, because it has much lower tolerance than 3-layer or 5-layer films. Thanks to the lower tolerance, they have greater elongation and higher puncture resistance. In addition, 7-layer films are dedicated to the latest and fastest wrappers that produce round and square bales. The 7-layer Raldus Wrap film with our unique formula allows you to store fodder for over a year without losing the haylage properties, and the 1+1 adhesive system allows you to forget about the unglued end of the film.

Every farmer knows that fodder is the most important factor in milk production, because a poor diet for a cow will translate into lower-quality milk, which in turn leads to a lower purchase price. Each subsequent roll is of the same high quality. The production raw material comes only from reliable suppliers in the plastics industry.